Best Time to Travel to Maldives
Best Time to Travel to Maldives (pic source:

When you hear the word of Maldives, what is on your mind? Perhaps it would be fascinating, romantic, beach, sweet, honeymoon and all the words about love. Yes, we agree that Maldives is a very exotic island that offers beautiful scenery and beach. Almost all couples in the world exactly want to go to this romantic island. However, when is the best time to travel to Maldives actually?

That’s really a good question. Although Maldives is like a heaven in the world, if we arrange schedule in a wrong time or season, we perhaps could not enjoy the pretty scenery of the Maldives. That’s why knowing the guide about the best time for going to Maldives is the first important thing to do before you prepare your passport and visa.

What is The Best Time to Travel to Maldives?

According to our research, Maldives is one of the best places in the world who can be visited all year. It means the season and the weather of Maldives are always friendly for visitor. However, you should get to know what the season is going on, so that you can prepare what you should bring.

Best Time to Travel to Maldives Island
Best Time to Travel to Maldives Island (pic source:

Getting to Know The Season of Maldives

Between December to April is believed to be the best time to travel to Maldives. There will always be a peak season in Maldives on these months. You can meet many tourist on these months since it is dry season. You can enjoy the beauty of Maldives while sun shining warmly. Perhaps rain showers occasionally, but it would not too disturb. If you don’t like rainfall disturbing your honeymoon or vacation, you can choose going on these months.

While if you want to enjoy Maldives in wet season, you can go there between May to August. Luckily, it is off season, so that you can enjoy some great deals which are offered by some resorts. It is really good choice for budget travelers. However, don’t forget to bring umbrella when going out.

Maldives is an island which always looks beautiful in every season. So, you don’t need to worry about the wet and dry season. You only need to consider if you want to go there on peak of off season. After getting the information about the best time to travel to Maldives, it is time for you to arrange your vacation schedule. Happy vacation, freaky travelers!