Best Time to Visit Barcelona on Peak Season
Best Time to Visit Barcelona on Peak Season (pic source:

Freaky travelers, what do you know about Barcelona? Of course, Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade and culture spots. You can find many beautiful old spots in Barcelona. Visiting Barcelona likes jumping into a few centuries ago but with modern taste. Years by years, Barcelona has become one of the smart cities in Europe, especially in Spain. Fashion and entertainment in Barcelona has been reference for other cities. That’s why tourists increasingly come to Barcelona years by years. Are you one of freaky travelers who are planning to visit Barcelona? Before deciding the days, you should know the best time to travel to Barcelona.

Best Time to Travel to Barcelona; Avoid the Peak Season

There is no better suggestion about best time to travel to Barcelona, except AVOID THE PEAK SEASON!


Why? Because peak season would make everything in Barcelona gets higher price; hotel, food, transportation, souvenirs and many more.

Is it better to save more money on your vacation days than spending much money only for hotels and food? If you could get cheaper hotels, it means that you could visit more places in Barcelona. Imagine if your money is run out of hotels, you only could come in a few places. You will loss all the way to Barcelona if only to come to a few places.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona on Off Season
Best Time to Visit Barcelona on Off Season (pic source;

Considering The Season

Summer has been favorite season for many tourists to come in Barcelona. We recommend avoiding this season. Besides all the prices become higher, Barcelona would be full of people. It would not be comfortable to visit when there is crowd of people, right? Rather than visiting Barcelona in summer, spring and fall is more recommended. The weather is very friendly and there is not too much tourist to come. The season is between May, June and September. If you want to get the cheapest vacation cost, you can go to Barcelona in winter. However, it is not recommended since the climate is too cold.

Considering The Holidays

Besides getting to know about the season, you also should know about the holiday in Barcelona. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and spring break usually become the peak season in Barcelona. On these days, be ready to spend much more money than other usual days.

Considering The Festivals

You also should know some festivals held in Barcelona to decide whether your vacation schedule is the best one. On February/ March, there will be Mardi Gras Carnival. It is really good to enjoy. You can arrange your schedule on this month. If you want to experience Calcotada in Barcelona, then you should come between February – April. It is very popular traditional feast from Barcelona. It would be great and delicious. For wine lovers, there would be much wine on the days. While if you mushroom lovers, come to Barcelona in fall season, you can have mushroom party on the season.

What about now after knowing the best time to travel to Barcelona? Have you set the date for visiting this Mediterranean city? Happy vacation, freaky travelers!