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Hi, freaky travelers! What are you going to do when you need inspiration or information about travelling? Perhaps you want to go somewhere, but you don’t know about the place at all, what do you do? For us, best travel blogs could help so much.

Characters of Best Travel Blogs

There are many best travel blogs that you can find, but for us these are some requirements for being a good travel blog;

Catchy Articles

A good travel blog should contain good articles. Content is a king, isn’t it? That’s why we really love travel blogs which their articles are catchy, mean enjoy to read and easy to understand. Catchy articles mean the articles should be complete, informative and written in good ways. Between the titles and the content of the article is related. We know that nowadays there are many blogs that contain articles which are different far away from the title. A good travel blog also has many articles about personal experiences, so that the articles are more trustworthy.

Nice Pictures

Besides having good articles, a good travel blog should have lots of nice pictures. The pictures should be taken exclusively and professionally. The pictures are in good pixel, not blur and looking awesome. It is better if the pictures are taken personally, not taken from other websites.

Top 3 Best Travel Blogs

Based on those characters above, we would like to choose the top 3 best travel blogs. You may have different opinion with us, no problem! These are three travel blogs that inspire us much;

Expert Vagabond

Best Travel Blogs - Expert Vagabond
Best Travel Blogs – Expert Vagabond

This blog is handled by Matt. He is a professional travel photographer and blogger. What we love so much from this blog is all the pictures are very awesome. Since Matt is also a photographer, blog visitors will always be spoiled with amazing quality pictures. The articles which are written by Matt are always informative, straightforward and interesting. If you want to see travel blogs which combine best articles and pictures, you should visit

A Backpacker’s Tale

Best Travel Blogs - A Backpackers Tale
Best Travel Blogs – A Backpackers Tale

If you want to know about backpacker’s world, or how to travel around the world in backpacker ways, you should come to this blog. Handled by Stephen, you would be spoiled with travel resources, pre trip expenses, picking up accommodation, choosing the right bank account for travelers to getting free flights. Stephen’s articles are honest and full of personal taste, really enjoy to read. Completed by supporting pictures, the blog is must read for freaky travelers. You can visit the blog on

Never Ending Footsteps

Best Travel Blogs - Never Ending Footsteps
Best Travel Blogs – Never Ending Footsteps

This blog is handled by woman traveler named Lauren. She also has published a book about traveling. If you want to read a blog about traveler for woman, so this is a good place. As a woman, she writes very beautifully and in a good sentence arrangement. Combined with her pictures, the blog is more live. Lauren started her blog at 2011. She quitted her job and focus on travel blog; travel and write is her treasure now. Visit her blog at

Best travel blogs are really good spot to find inspiration and ideas about our next adventure and trip. Happy traveling, freaky travelers.