Best Time to Visit Bali on Dry Season
Best Time to Visit Bali on Dry Season (pic source:

Hi, freaky travelers. Are you planning to go Gods’ Island – the most popular tourism city in Indonesia? Yup, Bali! If you have any plan to go Bali, it is better for you to know the best time to travel to Bali. Here we will inform you about it.

Bali is known about its beautiful scenery; mountain and beaches are so fascinating in this city. Moreover, you also could visit some temple and see wonderful culture show in some tourism spots. There are many things in Bali that can make you amazed. That’s why Bali always becomes the most recommendation tourism place in Indonesia.

Three Best Time to Travel to Bali

Before you arranging your schedule for visiting Bali, it is better for you to know the season and some important days in Bali, so that you can arrange a very good schedule for your trip. If you don’t know at all about seasons and important events in Bali, you could miss some unique show and also trapped in rainfall all days. This is an important guide to decide which the best time to travel to Bali is;

Best Time to Visit Bali on Peak Season
Best Time to Visit Bali on Peak Season (pic source:

Bali experiences two seasons; dry and wet season. During April to October, Bali experiences dry season. It is time to get sun bathing. If you love surfing, this is also the best time since there will be best waves on Bali. You also could visit one place to another happily since you would not limited by the rainfall, although the rain could occasionally come, but it doesn’t disturb too much. You should know that the peak tourist seasons during these months are between July to August. You can take your vacation on April, May, June and September to avoid the peak season.

From October to March, Bali usually experiences wet season. You can see rainfall during these periods. If you don’t really like rainfall or you have planning to go sun bathing in Bali, then you should avoid these months. Rainfall could make your holiday activities more limited. However, if you want to enjoy Bali in cold climate and seeing the beauty of Bali with rainfall, you may come on these months.

Besides considering about the seasons, you also could get to know about holiday and festivals. There are many holiday and festivals occur in Bali, you should know them in order to be able to enjoy the festivals when you come to Bali. Some festivals that you can enjoy in Bali; Pager Wesi commemoration of the creation of the universe which is held on Januari, Bali Arts Festival and Kite Fair held on June, Negara Bull Races held on July, and national Independence Day on August 17th. Moreover, there is also important day in Bali where there is no one may have activities outside, it is called Nyepi. It is better you know about it, so that you don’t arrive on the day.

After knowing the best time to travel to Bali, now you can freely arranging your schedule to visit Bali. Happy holiday, freaky travelers!