How To Be First Time Traveler
How To Be First Time Traveler (edited from

Hi, freaky travelers! How’s your day? Are any of you out there planning to be a first time traveler? Looks like you arrived at the right page, we will share some tips on what you should prepare before starting your first trip.

Being a first time traveler would be so exciting. Surely there will be a sense of distraction, fear and also confused that mixed-up. That’s a very natural thing. Whatever we do, when we first do it we must find such feelings. But you do not have to worry, armed with tips that we will share, guaranteed slowly you can overcome all those feelings.

Getting to Know The Tips for First Time Traveler

First Time Traveler Confusing
First Time Traveler Confusing (pic source:
  1. See Your Budget

First thing to do is you should check your budget. If your budget is enough to deal with a travel agent, do it. However, if your budget is limited, you could save much more money by arranging your entire travel plan by yourself. Moreover, now you can easily do online booking of hotel and flights. If you go with a travel agent, your itinerary is arranged and you only enjoy everything, but don’t complain if it doesn’t suit on you. Well, if you go with your own plan, you can arrange your own itinerary and suits your willingness.

  1. Choose The Best Ones

Go traveling for the first time, even go abroad, would be so exciting. You definitely want to visit all the places in the country. But try estimating again, how many days will you be in that country? Is it enough time to be able to surround all the interesting places? Even if you stay desperate to visit all places, you perhaps can die because of tiresome and not really enjoy your trip. Our advice, choose the places you really want to visit. Rest assured that one day you will be able to return to the country and set foot to places you have not yet been able to visit.

  1. Be Comfy

Wear comfortable clothes! Adjust the weather and the ongoing season in the country you are visiting. Do not get the wrong costume huh. You can shiver if it is winter and you bring summer clothes. Make sure all your stuff is well packed and compact so it’s easy to carry. Bring as necessary, not too much and not too little. Of course prepare enough supplies, lest you run out of money in the country people. Well prepared is the best key to enjoy your trip.

  1. Expect Nothing

Sometimes we expect too much on our first trip. Imagine all things must be beautiful in our journey. Yet in reality not everything we imagine is realized in our journey. In fact we may find things that do not match our expectations, such as hotel services are not okay, flight delayed, food does not fit our tongue. So relax, and be prepared with surprises you might encounter. Good or bad will still be a wonderful moment to remember.

  1. Enjoy Your Time

Apart from all the things that will happen, enjoy your journey. There will be many stories, information and love you receive. Make your journey a turning point in your life. We will not know the extent of life before we travel from one place to another in the world.

Well, now you’re ready to be first time traveler right? No need to hesitate and confused, take your vacation and be happy, freaky travelers! See you!