How to Be A Disney Travel Agent
How to Be A Disney Travel Agent

Hi, freaky travelers. Are you one of Disney’s big fans? What do you think if you get a chance to be a Disney travel agent? It would be a very exciting offering, wouldn’t it? However, do you know how to be a Disney a travel agent? We will give important information about the requirements to be a travel agent for Disney.

The nicest idea of being travel agent for Disney, you don’t need to go outside. By only staying at home, you can do this job. It is really nice choice for you who don’t like staying all day at office for working. If you really want to try, here is it.

The Requirements to be A Disney Travel Agent

Having vacation in Disneyland is dream for everyone, especially they who grow with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and other Disney characters. Disneyland is a dreamland for every person, not only kids. However, the price that we must spend to go to Disneyland is not really cheap; you should save much money before taking the trip there. After going there first time, you will never feel enough, it is ensured that you really want to come back.

Rather than spending too much money for going to Disneyland, you could learn how to be a Disney travel agent. You can use the fee from being a Disney travel agent to pay your tour fee to Disneyland. Do you curious with the requirements?

Requirements of How to Be A Disney Travel Agent
Requirements of How to Be A Disney Travel Agent (pic source:
  1. Big Fans of Disney

The most important requirement is you should be the big fans of Disney. Without being big fans of Disney, don’t ever think that you would be accepted. Disney needs someone who loves dead to Disney and his characters. People who are very familiar with Disney characters and able to tell anyone who they are. The person whose eyes will shine when talking about Disney. People who are giving answers for any questions of their friends about Disney and everything related to Disney characters. Are you people like this?

  1. Updating The Disneyland Changing

Another important requirement is that you must know the ins and outs of Disneyland. In Disneyland there are many locations, both old and new, you must know every detail. You have to memorize and understand where the location is located and can inform others about it. You also have to know what is interesting on the rides and what the price is.

  1. Knowing the Best Deals

The last one you should know best deals offered to be able to enjoy the tour at Disneyland. With many rides, it is impossible to enjoy all the rides in just one day. You should be able to advise others to take the best deals appropriate to their needs. You can also advise others to choose the best rides so they can get a discount.

How about the requirements on how to be a Disney travel agent? Do you fulfill the requirements? If you think you are the best candidate, You can try registering as a Disney travel agent.