Top Five Good Places to Travel Alone
Top Five Good Places to Travel Alone (edited from

Hi, freaky travelers. Do you that there are some people who prefer to travel alone rather than have to travel together in a group? These people feel more free in determining the location and should not be influenced by the opinions of others. If you are part of the people who like to travel alone, then you must know these good places to travel alone.

We have collected these good places based on our survey and research. We have collected dozens of places and then selected the top five places most visited by solo travelers. These places in addition to offering an exotic location also provide a choice of unique locations to visit. What are the top 5 places? Check it out.

Reaching 5 Good Places to Travel Alone

Good Places to Travel Alone - Lombok
Good Places to Travel Alone – Lombok (pic source:
  1. Lombok, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the good places to travel alone. Since it offers many beautiful places, the people are also friendly. Rather than visiting Bali which is very crowded all the time, it is recommended to visit Lombok. You can meet many beautiful beaches which is the best place for independent travelers do surfing, snorkeling or diving. You also can enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani. Don’t forget to stay and enjoy the days in Gili Trawangan.

Good Places to Travel Alone - Thailand
Good Places to Travel Alone – Thailand (pic source:
  1. Thailand

The other nicest place to visit in Southeast Asia is Thailand. This country saves many hidden pretty beaches. You also can enjoy many festivals there. By traveling alone in the country, you would find many exciting experiences; new food, new public transportation, new language. All of those things would make your days!

  1. Switzerland

Although the country is small, it offers breathtaking view and scenery. You would not need to be confused when going with public transportations since they are clean and efficient. You may visit some charming cities, such as Zurich. You may enjoy the clear water and air while walking around. It is also good place to shop and try some delicious traditional food.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Solo traveler usually love going to a small country which can be explored on foot or by bike. Copenhagen as the capital city of Denmark offers the comfort. The streets tend to be empty and not crowded; you can enjoy the scenery around with a relaxed and not in a hurry. Many historic sites and museums that you can go to, you will have plenty of information on the history of Denmark and its surroundings. It’s really a fun city to relax and seek out the philosophy of life.

Good Places to Travel Alone - Hokkaido Japan
Good Places to Travel Alone – Hokkaido Japan (pic source:
  1. Japan

Japan is famous as the best tourist stopover in the world. Although the cities tend to be crowded, but the facilities provided are extraordinary. Tourists are much pampered in this country. You will not be afraid of theft, or robbery. The Japanese are known for being an honest and self-respecting nation; they are also very friendly and familiar with the tourists. Tokyo is of course interesting, but if you want a quieter place, Hokkaido could be an option.

These are the top five good places to travel alone according to us, what about you? Do you have other ideas, freaky travelers, or you agree with me?